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Do you know a friend or family member that needs to sell their house ?  We buy houses !  For every property that you refer and we buy, you get a $500 check from us.  Easy Money !
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How does it Work ?

It is EASY MONEY !  Just refer friends and family that need to sell their house fast.  If we close the deal, you get $500.

Submit Your Referral

Use this website to submit your referral.  Make sure your friend or family is aware that we will contact them regarding their house.  SUBMIT HERE

We will Contact Them

We will contact them, learn more about the property, and submit an offer on the property.  If accepted, we will schedule an appointment to inspect your home, confirm details and answer any questions about the sale.

We Close and You get Paid !

We close the sale, and if everything goes well, a few days later YOU GET YOUR CHECK.  Like we promised : EASY $500 DOLLARS !

Send your referrals now, and earn an EASY $500 DOLLARS

See Terms & Conditions of the Program

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More About Us

Who we are

Result Capital is a real estate investment company specialized in the South Florida markets.

We buy, sell, fix, build, rent and operate properties in the south central florida market.

We run tight relationships with local agents, suppliers and contractors, to ensure high returns for our investments.

We have a deep understanding of people.  We know that life is tough and sometimes you need a little help.  We are here to help.

Why Work With Us

  • Fast cash.  Fast Closing.
  • Very little questions asked.
  • We buy properties as is.
  • Friendly & helpful team
  • Straightforward – if you don’t like our offer, we understand.